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Phone Service for KRMC Patients

All patient rooms are equipped with a phone for local calls. To place a local call, dial 8 followed by the seven-digit phone number.

patient on cellphoneCell Phones

Cell phones are allowed in patient rooms as long as they do not interfere with medical equipment. Your nurse will inform you of any cell phone restrictions.

Long-Distance Calls

To place a long-distance phone call, please dial 8 and then the phone number.

Calling a Patient

If you need to call a patient in their room, please call the hospital’s main number at (928) 757-2101. When asked for an extension,  enter the patient’s three-digit room number and one-digit bed number. If you do not know this information, wait to speak to the operator.

Key Numbers

If calling hospital numbers from inside the hospital, dial the four-digit extension number only. If calling from outside the hospital, dial the main number below, then enter the four-digit extension.

                                               Main: (928) 757-2101

Advance Directives Ext. 3854                                   Information Desk Ext. 3100
Courtesy Shuttle Ext. 3330                                       Lost & Found Ext. 1559
Financial Services/Billing Ext. 1657                         Maintenance Ext. 1137
Food Services Ext. 1552                                            Notary Services Ext. 1609
Gift Boutique Ext. 3340                                             Patient Representative Ext. 3854
Home Health Ext. 1630                                             Public Relations Ext. 5061
Hospice Ext. 5680                                                      Security Ext. 1559
Housekeeping Ext. 1489

Please be considerate of other patients and visitors when using the phone.