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Hospital Admitting

Our Hospital Admitting Process

Patients are admitted for hospitalization at Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) with authorization from a physician with hospital privileges. Our admitting process depends on your circumstances and hospitalization needs.

Admission through the Emergency Department

If you are ill or injured and need immediate help, call 911 or go to the KRMC Emergency Department (ED). After initial assessment and treatment, you will be either admitted to the hospital, stabilized and transferred to another hospital, or discharged.

doctor talking to patient in wheelchairIf your condition requires hospitalization at KRMC, the ED will notify your doctor to make arrangements for your admission. If you do not have a doctor or other primary care provider, we will contact the appropriate on-call physician to make the arrangements.

Admission for Inpatient Care

If your doctor has scheduled you for a medical procedure that requires a hospital stay (inpatient care), please check in at the information desk at the hospital’s main entrance. Hospital volunteers will direct you to the proper admitting representative for your care.

To assure that your hospital admission is timely and accurate, please bring any preadmittance forms given to you by your doctor along with other important information for your admittance.

If you are scheduled for a hospital stay, notify your medical insurance company ahead of time for pre-authorization. Many companies will not provide coverage if you do not obtain pre-authorization.

Admission for Outpatient Care

If you are scheduled for a medical procedure that does not require a hospital stay (outpatient care), please check in at the scheduling desk in the appropriate area (Surgery, X-Ray, Laboratory, etc.). If you need directions to the area, please ask at the information desk at the hospital’s main entrance.

Your doctor’s office will make any necessary prior arrangements for outpatient services. However, please bring photo identification, insurance information, and any orders or other information your doctor gives you. Also, make certain to arrive promptly by your scheduled time.

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