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Designated Program Giving

Thank You for Your Gift!

Your generous contribution to the KRMC Foundation goes directly to projects and programs that enhance health and quality-of-life in northwest Arizona. Thank you!

Designated Program Giving

You may choose to designate your gift to one of our programs or you may donate to the Foundation’s general fund to be used where your gift is needed most. You can be assured that 100% of your donation goes to its intended purpose. None is used for administrative costs. Program giving opportunities include:

  • “Catch It Early” Program — The KRMC Foundation helps save lives from breast cancer through our Catch it Early program, which provides community outreach and education about breast health; free or low-cost mammograms to women who reside in Mohave County, Arizona; and other healthcare and support services for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.
  • HIV/AIDS Support– The KRMC Foundation provides financial assistance for patients with HIV/AIDS for prescriptions, transportation and other needs not covered by their insurance.
  • Joan and Diana Hospice Home — The KRMC Foundation funds the operation of the Joan & Diana Hospice Home, which provides a peaceful home-like setting to individuals at the end-of-life and their loved ones. With around-the-clock medical care, the 12-bed home provides a haven of dignity, care, and comfort.
  • Live Now Inc. — A group of healthcare professionals at KRMC established Live Now Inc., which is the first international medical relief organization in Arizona. Their mission is to provide quality medical services, education, and research to benefit disadvantaged peoples around the world.
  • Nursing Scholarships– To meet our community’s continuing need for skilled nurses, the KRMC Foundation funds scholarships to help local nursing students with their educational costs.
  • Wellness Center Scholarships – The KRMC Foundation provides memberships to KRMC’s Del E. Webb Wellness Center to low-income individuals who have a medical need for enhancing their physical fitness.

Our online giving service is currently unavailable. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Cecelia Clouser at 928-263-5673.