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Community Health Improvement Initiative

Mohave health

A community initiative to improve health in Mohave County, AZ

Kingman Regional Medical Center, in partnership with the Mohave County Department of Public Health, leads a broad community initiative to improve health and quality-of-life in Mohave County communities.

The initiative, called “Live Well Mohave” engages community stakeholders and the public to make measurable improvements in community health. It involves the following process, which is conducted on a three-year cycle:

  1. Researchers collect facts and statistics regarding health and quality-of-life in Mohave County. This process includes speaking to Mohave County residents to obtain their insights. The information is then published in a report called a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).
  2. Based on the information in the CHNA, KRMC and MCDPH work with community members and stakeholders to identify priority health issues. Those groups develop a plan to address the chosen priorities in their local area. We document the results of these planning efforts in a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for each region.
  3. Guided by the priorities and strategies outlined in each community’s respective CHIP, community participants collaborate to implement each region’s health improvement plan.

Community Health Needs Assessment for Mohave County, AZ

This document includes both statistics and community feedback that paint a realistic picture of public health in Mohave County. The report is used for local planning to address health needs within our county.

Community Health Improvement Plan

This document outline plans of action for improving health in Mohave County communities.

KRMC Implementation Strategies

This document details Kingman Regional Medical Center’s strategies for addressing health needs in our community as identified in the Mohave County Community Health Needs Assessment.

Previous Mohave County Community Health Needs Assessments