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Community Health Improvement Initiative

About the Survey

woman smiling The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)  Survey, also known as the Community Health Assessment (CHA) Survey, is a united effort to collect data about local public health. 

Kingman Regional Medical Center has partnered with the Mohave County Department of Public Health to lead a broad initiative to improve health and quality of life in Mohave County communities. Every three years, this initiative engages various community groups, local governments, and healthcare allies in Mohave County to evaluate community health. The purpose of this survey is to gain a deeper understanding from residents about various issues related to their quality of life, access to essential services, physical and mental well-being, and more. The insights from this survey aid in strategic planningsteering efforts to foster a healthier environment for everyone in Mohave County.

Take the Survey

The Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Survey, in collaboration with the Mohave County Department of Public Health, has concluded. We extend our sincere gratitude to all who participated in this vital initiative. Your input is invaluable in shaping efforts to enhance health and quality of life across Mohave County. Together, we've gathered essential data to better understand residents' perspectives on various aspects of well-being, access to services, and community health. These insights will inform strategic planning endeavors aimed at fostering a healthier environment for all. Thank you for your valuable contribution to this ongoing endeavor.

CHNA Roadmap: when can we expect results?

The final CHNA report is expected to be released by Spring 2025. Our team is actively working on data collection. Please keep an eye on this page for future opportunities to participate in key informant interviews and community meetings with the Live Well Mohave initiative. . 
 Road map

Questions? Email us at

Community Health Needs Assessment for Mohave County, AZ

This document includes both statistics and community feedback that paint a realistic picture of public health in Mohave County. The report is used for local planning to address health needs within our county.

Community Health Improvement Plan

This document outline plans of action for improving health in Mohave County communities.

KRMC Implementation Strategies

This document details Kingman Regional Medical Center’s strategies for addressing health needs in our community as identified in the Mohave County Community Health Needs Assessment.

Previous Mohave County Community Health Needs Assessments