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KRMC Community Benefit Program

Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is committed to enhancing health and wellbeing in Kingman and surrounding communities in Mohave County. With our long-standing history of providing support for many community causes and events, we continue to receive a growing number of requests for sponsorships and donations.

The following guidelines enable us to manage our volume of requests and distribute our limited funds. Our Community Benefit Committee considers these elements when determining if and how we can support your community project, program, or event. Please thoroughly review these guidelines before submitting your request.

Types of support provided by KRMC

KRMC sponsors a host of community events and also provides donations to many worthy causes or activities in our community. We also provide in-kind services, which include giveaways for events, presentations by health professionals, first-aid support, general health screenings, and food or refreshments for your event from our Catering Department.

In general, we do not provide sponsorships or donations in excess of $2,500. However, if your organization directly serves a community need, we will accept requests for higher amounts. Approval will be decided on a case-by-case basis according to the timing of your application in relationship to our annual budgeting process, availability of funding, the described use of funds, and the requesting organization’s mission and capabilities.

What we support

KRMC is proud to contribute to our community by supporting community projects, programs, or events that:

  • Improve access to healthcare
  • Promote health and wellness in our community
  • Provide or promote physical activity or other healthy lifestyle behaviors in our community
  • Improve safety in our community
  • Address alcohol, tobacco, substance abuse, or other unhealthy behaviors in our community
  • Support family wellbeing in our community
  • Result in measurable benefit to: infants, young children, youth, elderly, those who are disabled or in ill health, or those in socio-economic distress within our community
  • Improve quality-of-life in our community

What we do not support

KRMC will not consider requests for:

  • Programs outside of our service area or that do not directly benefit local residents
  • Event sponsorships for organizations already receiving operational support from the KRMC Community Benefit Program
  • Sponsorships for more than one sports team per league
  • Individuals participating in a fundraising event or other individual pursuits
  • Profit-making ventures
  • Political campaigns, candidates, partisan activities, or religious activities
  • Organizations that have received a financial donation through the KRMC Community Benefit program in the prior twelve months.
  • Organizations whose philosophy or mission conflicts with the Mission, Vision, or Values of Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC)
  • Organizations who are in direct competition with KRMC
  • Activities that conflict with fund-raising efforts of the KRMC Foundation

Funding priorities

Submitted applications for KRMC support will be reviewed by the KRMC Community Benefit Committee during the first week of every month. The committee will base approval on availability of funding and on the extent your application meets our funding priorities listed below. Please be advised that due to the volume of applications, we may not be able to fulfill every request; even if it meets our criteria. We will not consider requests that do not match any of our funding priorities.

1. Value to community health & wellness

Programs, projects, and events that promote health and wellness or address a community health need within KRMC’s service area. These include efforts that:

  • Improve access to health services
  • Promote health and wellness
  • Provide or promote physical activity or other healthy lifestyle choices
  • Improve safety in the community
  • Address alcohol, tobacco, substance abuse, or other unhealthy behaviors
  • Support family wellbeing

2. Benefit to vulnerable residents

Programs, projects, and events that result in measurable benefit to vulnerable residents within our service area, which include:

  • Infants
  • Young Children
  • Youth
  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • Those with chronic illness (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.)
  • Those in socio-economic distress

3. Enhancement of community quality-of-life

Programs, projects, and events that enhance quality-of-life in our service area, which include:

  • Educational activities
  • Family activities
  • Music, arts, and cultural activities
  • Activities that enhance our local economy

Application Instructions

1. Please complete a KRMC Community Benefit Application

If your need for KRMC support matches one or more of our funding priorities, please complete the appropriate sections of the KRMC Community Benefit Application. We will not consider any request for support without a correctly completed application. However, a completed application does not guarantee approval.

If you are requesting an in-kind service, such as food or speakers for an event; or if you are requesting sponsorship of a sports team; please complete sections A and B of the application.

If you are requesting financial support, a donation, or event sponsorship; please complete sections A, B, and C of the application.

If you are unable to access our online application, you may obtain a print version from the KRMC Public Relations office at the address listed below.

2. Please submit your request at least 2 months prior to your event or sponsorship deadline.

Once we receive your request, we need at least 4 weeks to submit to the KRMC Community Benefit Committee, which meets monthly to review and approve applications. We will then contact you within 30 days regarding the status of your request.


Currently, our Community Benefit application cannot be submitted online. Please save it to your computer and contact KRMC Public Relations at 928-263-4565 for instructions on how to submit your application.

Community Benefit Application