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Radiation oncology involves the use of therapeutic radiation to treat cancer. With this treatment, cancer cells are destroyed using specific doses of high-energy waves or streams of particles. Radiation oncology professionals carefully measure and monitor radiation to target only cancer cells, working to avoid or minimize damage to healthy tissues. Radiation is used to treat many types of cancer. According to the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), patients with breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer make up 56 percent of all patients receiving radiation therapy.

WL Nugent Cancer Center offers a range of radiation treatments, including:

  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy
  • Image-guided radiation therapy
  • Volumetric modulated arc therapy
  • Stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic body radiotherapy

Clinical Expertise

Doctor with PTRadiation oncologists are doctors who use radiation therapy to treat cancer. At WL Nugent Cancer Center, your radiation oncologist will work closely with medical oncology and other medical specialists, nurses, and technologists to create the best treatment plan for you. Our radiation therapists are licensed in Arizona and nationally registered.


truebeamThe WL Nugent Cancer Center uses a state-of-the-art machine called "TrueBeam" to deliver quick and accurate radiation treatments.
The TrueBeam is an external- beam linear accelerator compatible with all current forms of radiation treatment.

The True Beam features a wide range of treatment options and advanced capabilities. With this machine, radiation therapists can closely control the dosage, targeting radiation with sub-millimeter precision. The True Beam features an Optical Surface Monitoring System (OSMS), which tracks the patient's positioning before and during treatment. This system can deliver treatment as a patient moves with their breath, pausing if the patient moves a non-targeted area of the body into the treatment field.

CT Simulator

CTThe WL Nugent Cancer Center has a 4-D CT simulator on site for convenient access. CT simulation transmits X-rays through the tissue to create an image of the tumor and surrounding area. This enables the radiation oncology team to create an accurate plan for radiation treatment. With respiratory gating capability, this machine can track movement of the tumor as a patient breathes. That movement is accounted for in the treatment plan, ensuring that any radiation is targeted as precisely as possible to the only the affected tissue.


Patient Resources

At WL Nugent Cancer Center we offer a range of services to make your treatment and follow-up care as comfortable and successful as possible.  

Am I Eligible for a Clinical Trial?

KRMC's WL Nugent Cancer Center is the only cancer treatment center in Mohave County to offer clinical trials for cancer
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Meet our Physicians

Our oncologist at WL Nugent Cancer Center have years of experience and expertise in medical oncology, radiation oncology, and hematology