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2022-2023 Medical Staff Leadership

The medical team at Kingman Regional Medical Center is led by an experienced and dedicated team of highly trained healthcare professionals. Each of these people play a critical role in the growth of our medical facilities and services.


Sharmila Parvathaneni, MD

Chief of Medical Staff


Chris Porter, MD

Immediate Past Chief of Medical Staff

Brednt bedke

Brent Bedke, MD

Vice-Chief of Medical Staff

Stefan  Merrill,  M.D.

Stefan Merrill, MD



Jeremy Kaplan, MD

Chairman, Medicine Dept.

Lorne Taylor

Lorne Taylor, DO

Chairman, Surgery Dept.

jay vlaminick

Jay Vlaminck, MD

Chairman Ambulatory Dept.


Wilfrido Urueta, MD

Vice-Chair Medicine Dept.

Brian williams

Brian Williams, MD

Vice-Chair Surgery Dept.


Michael Payne, MD

Vice-Chair, Ambulatory Dept.