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What is Meds to Beds?

Through the Meds to Beds program, KRMC’s Pharmacy delivers the medications a patient will need after discharge straight to the patient’s bedside. We know it can be difficult for some patients to pick up their prescriptions due to financial issues, lack of transportation, or simply not feeling well enough to go out. This program helps to reduce the burden on patients after they leave the hospital. 

A pharmacist or nurse will review a patient’s prescribed medications at their bedside. This includes what the medication is for, how to take it, and potential side effects. A thorough understanding is important for the patient’s safety, and we take time to ensure all their questions and concerns are addressed. 

Patient Impact

Our research has shown that providing a patient’s necessary medications before discharge promotes recovery and reduces the likelihood of readmission to the hospital. KRMC Community Pharmacy fills and delivers approximately 1,000 prescriptions through the Meds to Beds program each month.