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Kingman Regional Medical Center

About KRMC

About KRMC

Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is the largest healthcare provider in northwest Arizona and the only remaining non-profit hospital in Mohave County, Arizona. As a 235-bed multi-campus healthcare system, our center includes more than 1,800 employees, 280 physicians/allied health professionals, and 250 volunteers who care for the health needs of our community.

Our Mission & Vision

KRMC MISSION STATEMENT: Serving our community with compassion and commitment

KRMC VISION STATEMENT: Our vision is to provide the region’s best clinical care and patient service through an environment that fosters respect for others and pride in performance.

KRMC VALUES: KRMC’s values are the key words in both the Mission and Vision statements. Those values include compassion, commitment, respect for others, and pride in performance.


KRMC is governed by Kingman Hospital Inc.—a local non-profit organization that consists of a thirteen-member Board of Directors to oversee hospital operations. Additionally, KRMC is located in Hospital District Number One of Mohave County, which is governed by an elected five-member board to oversee hospital assets.


Nationally Recognized Care

Kingman Regional Medical Center’s focus on growth and improvement has been recognized in the healthcare industry. Over the last ten years, we were honored with seven awards based on our high patient satisfaction scores. On six other occasions, we received designation as either a “five-star” or “top 100” hospital for our value to our community. KRMC is also the only hospital in Arizona to receive the Governor’s Arizona Innovation Award for our proactive efforts to enhance healthcare in a rural community.

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