KRMC Safety Measures

KRMC Safety Indicators

As part of Kingman Regional Medical Center’s (KRMC) ongoing effort to improve quality and safety, we measure, track, and report specific information.

Many public and private organizations share hospital data related to patient safety and care. KRMC supports these efforts when the shared information is meaningful, accurate, and timely. We believe greater transparency informs consumers when making healthcare choices and encourages care providers to focus on continuous improvement.

Virtually all of these reporting organizations are unable to provide up-to-date information. For this reason, KRMC has chosen to publish its most current key patient safety information on our website. This allows our community access to important safety data in a timely manner.

Individuals interested in more comprehensive hospital performance information may refer to other websites, such as the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) “Hospital Compare” website.  However, the information on these websites may not be current and could date back several years.

Domain 1

CYTD 2017: January 1, 2017-September 30, 2017

MeasureCasesRate/1000National Average
Pressure Ulcer Rate (PSI 3)0 / 357500.38
Iatrogenic Pneumothorax Rate (PSI 6)2 / 51760.390.22
In Hospital Fall with Hip Fracture Rate (PSI 8)0 / 451200.07
Perioperative Hemorrhage or Hematoma Rate** (PSI 9)2 / 12031.662.19
Postoperative Acute Kidney Injury Requiring Dialysis Rate** (PSI 10)0 / 40300.98
Postoperative Respiratory Failure Rate** (PSI 11)4 / 28214.186.74
Perioperative Pulmonary Embolism or Deep Vein Thrombosis Rate (PSI 12)5 / 12603.973.6
Postoperative Sepsis Rate (PSI 13)2 / 3935.094.48
Postoperative Wound Dehiscence Rate (PSI 14)0 / 29200.51
Unrecognized Abdominopelvic Accidental Puncture or Laceration Rate (PSI 15)2 / 8722.290.81

Domain 2

Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI)

Year/QuarterInfection CountPredicted InfectionsNumber of cath days
2017 Q101.5042167
2017 Q211.1541674
2017 Q311.0671545
2017 Q4


Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)

Year/QuarterInfection CountPredicted InfectionsNumber of cath days
2017 Q101.6731985
2017 Q201.2481481
2017 Q301.2221448
2017 Q4


Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

Year/QuarterInfection CountPredicted InfectionsNumber of Patient days
2017 Q110.48111,945
2017 Q240.46910,479
2017 Q300.4459954
2017 Q4


Clostridium Difficile (CDiff)

Year/QuarterInfection CountPredicted InfectionsNumber of Patient days
2017 Q1128.20311,688
2017 Q297.62310,173
2017 Q3116.9499660
2017 Q4


Surgical Site Infection (SSI)

Year/QuarterInfection CountPredicted InfectionsNumber of Procedures
COLO 2017 Q110.218
COLO 2017 Q200.26512
COLO 2017 Q300.36715
COLO 2017 Q4
HYST 2017 Q100.0243
HYST 2017 Q200.0312
HYST 2017 Q300.0131
HYST 2017 Q4
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