KRMC Facility Locations

Maps & Directions to KRMC Facilities

The following maps of KRMC facilities are in printable pdf format.

Hualapai Mountain Campus
Floor plan map that shows the locations of various services at the KRMC Hualapai Mountain Campus (HMC)

Main Campus Facilities
Street map that shows the locations of various facilities located at KRMC’s main campus (e.g., Imaging Center, Cardiovascular Center, Wellness Center, etc.)

Main Hospital Floorplan
Floor plan map that shows key locations within KRMC’s main hospital facility.

Medical Professional Center
Floor plan map that shows the locations of doctor’s offices and other services located within the KRMC Medical Professional Center

Stockton Hill Road Facilities (map)


Driving Directions

The following locator provides directions from your home or current location to a selected KRMC practice or facility. Our facilities are listed by name and categorized by service type, as follows:

  • Emergency — Directions to KRMC‘s Emergency Department for immediate life-saving care.
  • Primary Care — Directions to KRMC facilities and clinics for general healthcare (e.g., Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics).
  • Specialty Care — Directions to KRMC facilities that specialize in certain medical conditions or procedures (e.g., Gastroenterology, Surgery, Cancer Center, Imaging Center, etc.)
  • Urgent Care — Directions to KRMC Urgent Care for illnesses or injuries that require immediate attention, but are not life threatening.

Directions to specific facilities and medical provider offices are also indicated on our service pages.

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