Audiology (Hearing) Services

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This affects certain KRMC services, including KRMC Speech and Hearing, KRMC Dizziness and Balance Center, KRMC Rehabilitation (physical therapy), and KRMC Pathology/Laboratory— all located at 1740 Sycamore Avenue.

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KRMC Speech & Hearing Specialists
1740 Sycamore Ave, Suite A
Kingman, Arizona 86409
(928) 681-8717

KRMC Audiology Services

At Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC), our state-licensed and certified audiologist provides a wide range of services to diagnose and treat children and adults with hearing problems.

Hearing services include:

  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations for babies, children, and adults
  • Balance testing
  • Hearing rehabilitation
  • Tinnitus management
  • Hearing aid dispensing and servicing
  • Custom hearing protection and swim plugs

Providing advanced testing for hearing problems

At KRMC, our certified audiologist is skilled in a number of advanced tests for diagnosing hearing, balance, and other ear-related neurological problems.  Comprehensive diagnostic testing at our facility may include any of the following tests:

  • Pure tone audiometry – Hearing test used to identify the type, configuration, and degree of hearing loss.
  • Tympanometry – Measure of how well the eardrum is vibrating when sound strikes and how well the tiny bones of the ear are functioning to transmit those vibrations to the organ of hearing.
  • Acoustic reflex testing – Measurement used to examine the integrity of the middle ear system.
  • Speech discrimination – Measurement of speech clarity.
  • Otoacoustic emission testing – Measurement of the sounds given off by the inner ear when stimulated by a sound.
  • Visual reinforcement & conditioned-play audiometry – Specialized testing for evaluating hearing in infants and young children.
  • Vestibular function testing – Testing used to determine if there is something wrong with the vestibular (balance) portion of the inner ear.
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing – Used to assess the auditory nerve pathway, this testing rules out hearing loss in babies who fail their newborn hearing screenings.  

Hearing aid services

If you are concerned about your hearing, it is best to first undergo evaluation by a licensed audiologist to identify the cause of the problem and to explore various options for correcting it.  Not always is a hearing aid the best or only corrective action.

After a thorough examination, our licensed audiologist will discuss with you rehabilitation options, including recommendations for medical follow-up, strategies for effective communication, and/or amplification options.

If a hearing aid is appropriate for you, we can recommend an appropriate hearing device to meet your individualized needs and lifestyle. Our hearing aid services include:

  • Selection and fitting of a hearing device
  • Instruction on hearing device use and care
  • Follow-up consultations
  • Hearing device maintenance and in-office repairs

Talk to your doctor

If you or a loved one has a hearing problem, please discuss your concerns with your doctor and request a referral to KRMC Speech and Hearing Specialists. Our services are covered under most medical insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid (AHCCCS).

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