After-hospital care

After-Hospital Care

Your Continued Care after Leaving the Hospital

After-hospital care

Hospital care is considered “acute care” by Medicare and other insurance plans. Once your acute condition is resolved, you are discharged from the hospital. However, this may not mean that you are completely well.

You will require continued medical care after leaving the hospital. At discharge, our staff will schedule a follow-up appointment with your regular doctor. Additionally, depending on your condition, we may recommend other continued care, which may include:

  • KRMC Post-Hospital Care Clinic — Doctors at KRMC’s Post-Hospital Care Clinic assess your condition within 72 hours after you leave the hospital and provide further recommendations for your continued care. This service greatly reduces your risk of being readmitted to the hospital.
  • Home Healthcare—Registered nurses, therapists, and other healthcare professionals provide you care in your home.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility—Inpatient care facility for those who don’t need a hospital, but can’t be cared for at home. Includes: 24-hour skilled nursing care, daily living and personal care services plus social activities and events.
  • Hospice—Care program that provides support for terminally ill patients and families. Includes: 24-hour help with pain control, symptom management and emotional and spiritual support.

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