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This affects certain KRMC services, including KRMC Speech and Hearing, KRMC Dizziness and Balance Center, KRMC Rehabilitation (physical therapy), and KRMC Pathology/Laboratory— all located at 1740 Sycamore Avenue. Access to these services will be via Airway Avenue and Hotel Way.

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Melanie Bradle, MSC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

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Speech & Language Therapy

Sometimes aging, an illness, or an injury can affect your ability to relate with others. Speech therapy can help you regain one of life’s most crucial skills — the ability to communicate.

At Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC), we address a variety of disorders in adults that involve voice, speech, language, or cognitive-communication (attention, memory and thinking).

Speech therapy with a speech-language pathologist can help you gain greater control of speaking, language, and cognitive-communication skills. KRMC’s certified speech-language pathologist (also called a speech therapist) is a medical professional specially trained to diagnose and treat speech and language disorders.


At KRMC, we provide skilled speech pathology services on an outpatient basis. Our services include diagnostic capabilities and highly-specialized therapies to help overcome and compensate to maximize and improve your quality-of-life.

Our speech-language pathologist will first perform a variety of tests to determine the exact nature and severity of your speech or language problem. Once the underlying cause is identified, we develop an individualized treatment plan aimed at your specific needs.

During treatment, you will work one-on-one with our speech pathologist, who will guide you in special therapeutic exercises and focused training to improve your ability to communicate with others.

Our services include:

    • Voice therapy for voice problems associated with aging, paralysis, cancer, polyps, cysts or overuse/misuse of the voice.
    • Language and cognitive-communication therapy for conditions such as traumatic brain injury or stroke, which teaches communication skills using your strengths, while compensating for weaknesses caused by the injury or illness.
    • Speech therapy to strengthen the muscles of the mouth and/ or compensate to control the movement of the tongue and lips to improve your ability to pronounce words or parts of words to be better understood.

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