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Learn How to Live Well with Diabetes

healthy foods

Our program includes interactive and engaging sessions to build the foundation for solid diabetes knowledge. Our diabetes educator will help you set personalized goals to ensure success. Support from your educator and fellow program participants will benefit all patients — whether you were diagnosed recently or years ago. 

Sessions include the following topics:

Diabetes Overview and Goals

  • What is diabetes
  • Causes of diabetes
  • How to help control diabetes
  • Diabetes myths and facts
  • High and low blood sugar
  • Recommended blood sugar goals
  • Impact of diet and exercise
  • Diabetes and emotions 

Healthy Eating

  • Basics of good nutrition
  • How food affects blood sugar
  • How feelings about food impact behavior
  • ​​​​​​Impact of family, culture, and religion on food choices
  • Portion control strategies
  • Timing of meals and impact on blood glucose


  • Why should I check my blood sugar?
  • Symptoms of low or high blood sugar
  • How to use a blood sugar meter
  • What makes blood sugar high or low

Medications and Complications

  • How diabetes progresses
  • Complications of diabetes
  • Managing or delaying complications
  • Managing diabetes with medication
  • Health screenings for diabetes


  • Managing diabetes during special times
  • Stress management
  • Continuation of diabetes management
  • Setting goals


Diabetes Support Group


We also facilitate a free support group for people with diabetes and their loved-ones, which meets at 2:00 p.m.the last Tuesday of every month in KRMC’s Hualapai Mountain Campus at 3801 Santa Rosa Drive. For questions or assistance, call (928) 263-5607.