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Dr. Donald Smith
Occupational Medicine

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KRMC Occupational Health Services
1739 Beverly Ave., Suite 118
Kingman, Arizona  86409

KRMC Occupational Health Services

Providing health and safety services to area businesses and their employees

The Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) Occupational Health Department assists local businesses and industries in maintaining the health and safety of their workforce. Our skilled team of healthcare providers and professionals in industrial safety offer comprehensive services for addressing health and safety in the workplace with a focus on maintaining employee wellness. We also provide a range of testing services, including pre-employment screening, physicals, and laboratory testing.

Employee Services:



  • O.T.
  • A.A.
  • Sports
  • Pre-employment


  • Drugs (urine, mouth swab, and hair)
  • Breath alcohol (D.O.T. Certified)


Lab testing

  • Lead, arsine, and iron
  • Immunity levels
  • Exposure with medical surveillance

Workplace Services:

Body Mechanics
Education and guidance for employees and employers on how to avoid workplace injury

Back and Shoulder School
Customized on-the-job training for employees and employers to learn appropriate exercises to decrease risk of work related injury.

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