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Dr. Naegele manages patient care from the initial diagnosis of cancer, throughout the course of the disease and survivorship. As an expert in drug and hormone cancer treatments, she individualizes treatment plans for her patients in order to choose the best methods for fighting the patient’s cancer. All treatment plans are based on the latest national recommendations, the patient’s general health, the type of cancer, its location in the body, and the extent of its growth.

In describing her approach to patient care, Dr. Naegele says “I believe strong communication skills are extremely important for a physician in this field and I always work very hard to ensure that my patients and their families understand every step of the way. I never want them to be confused about their illness or about what to do next.”

She adds, “Above all, I believe in providing compassionate care and have full respect for my patients’ dignity. I consider them as my family and allow them to know me as I want to know them.”

Dr. Naegele received her doctorate in medicine at Midwestern University, Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove, Illinois. She also completed her residency in Internal Medicine and a three-year fellowship in Hematology/Oncology through that same university. She is certified by the American College of Osteopathic Internists.

At the KRMC Cancer Center, Dr. Naegele will work in conjunction with the patient’s other doctors and KRMC cancer-care professionals to create an integrated treatment program to not only aggressively combat cancer, but to also assure the patient’s overall well-being.

Dr. Naegele states that she came to KRMC for many reasons. “The full range of services under one roof, including radiation oncology, medical oncology, dietary services, and a patient advocate to help facilitate a patient’s journey to wellness are all great benefits to the patients. I was also impressed that KRMC, as a not for profit hospital, tries to care for all patients, regardless of insurance status or the ability to pay. All of these features coincided with my desire to deliver quality, comprehensive, and compassionate care to a community. It truly is a perfect fit.”

Additionally, Dr. Naegele is looking forward to bringing more comprehensive cancer treatment and support programs to the community and will be collaborating with other local, state, and national experts to find ways we can improve our services. She also looks forward to hearing from those at KRMC and the Kingman community about suggestions on how the cancer center can better serve the entire area.

Dr. Naegele will begin seeing patients in Kingman on July 11th. In addition to newly-diagnosed cancer patients, Dr. Naegele is also taking appointments for people who have had cancer in the past and require a check-up with an oncologist. Please contact the KRMC Cancer Center at 928-692-4666 for more information.