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The Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) Cancer Center was recently honored by Professional Research Consultants (PRC) with four prestigious National Excellence in Healthcare Awards for quality patient care. PRC is a national healthcare research organization that conducts patient satisfaction surveys to evaluate over 2000 hospitals and healthcare organizations nationwide.

On June 6th, the KRMC Cancer Center was presented the Top Performer award at PRC’s 2012 convention in Scottsdale, AZ. This is PRC's highest honor— given to organizations and providers that score the highest in patient satisfaction among peers in their respective healthcare service category. This prestigious award defines the KRMC Cancer Center as not only the highest-scoring in Arizona, but also the top-performing outpatient cancer treatment provider among PRC’s clients nationwide.

PRC also presented the KRMC Cancer Center with a Platinum Achievement Award. This award recognizes special initiatives that improve quality of care. Written entries are judged by an independent panel of healthcare professionals. The KRMC Cancer Center received the highest honor (Platinum Achievement Award) for a team initiative that improved communications with patients.

In addition to these honors, the KRMC Cancer Center received two Five-Star awards— one for overall quality of care in medical oncology and the other for overall quality of care in radiation oncology. PRC’s ‘Five-Star’ award honors organizations that score above 90% of their peers in the number of “excellent” ratings given by patients.

“We are humbled and delighted to be recognized,” said Robert Lobue, KRMC Cancer Center Administrative Director. “We strive to provide a sense of security, warmth, and compassion for every patient and family member that enters our doors.”

Over 550 patients were served at the KRMC Cancer Center last year. The center features advanced cancer treatment technologies and a skilled multi-disciplinary oncology team for treating most types of cancer, including complex and advanced-stage cases. Additionally, the center offers a wide range of support services to assure patients’ overall emotional and physical well-being before, during, and after cancer treatment.

Since coming to KRMC in July, 2011, medical oncologist, Dr. Kathleen Naegele serves as the medical director of the KRMC Cancer Center. Earlier this month, expert radiation oncologist, Dr. Michael Van Tuyl also joined KRMC’s oncology team.

According to Lobue, “We owe much to the leadership of Dr. Naegele. Her skill, compassion, and sincere devotion to our patients’ well-being have raised the bar on providing them with first-rate cancer care.” He adds, “Now that Dr. Van Tuyl has joined our team, his expertise will contribute even more to the quality of care offered at our center.”

In congratulating the Cancer Center team, KRMC CEO Brian Turney stated, “I’m extremely proud of the efforts of our oncology staff to continually improve the patient experience. PRC’s awards recognize that they truly care about patients as individuals, as well as their outcomes.”

Mr. Turney also thanked the community, stating, “I appreciate the efforts of our patients who have taken the time over the years to provide us honest feedback about their service. That feedback is critical in helping us continually improve our services.”