KRMC Preoperative Clinic welcomes additional provider

Shilo Elliott, NP, has joined Kingman Regional Medical Center’s (KRMC) Preoperative Clinic, located in the Medical Professional Center at 1739 Beverly Avenue, Suite 103.

As a nurse practitioner in the preoperative clinic, Elliott coordinates with surgeons and anesthesiologists to ensure patients are healthy enough for surgery. She reviews a patient’s cardiac history, monitors medications to prevent adverse reactions, performs physical examinations, and orders other testing as needed.

Elliott began her medical career at KRMC in 2007 as a nurse on the third floor, then went on to work in surgery. After obtaining her Master of Science in Nursing, she taught nursing courses at Mohave Community College for five years. In the Preoperative Clinic, she applies her experience to educating patients.

“I have more time to spend with my patients, educating and preparing them for their upcoming surgical procedures.” she says. “My whole philosophy is to treat each patient with the love, compassion, and respect that I would want for my family.”

The purpose of KRMC’s Preoperative Clinic is to prepare patients for surgery. Health professionals at the clinic perform a physical exam and other testing to ensure the patient can safely undergo anesthesia and the scheduled procedure. For example:

  • A review of allergies and other potential intolerances to medical procedures
  • Blood tests
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) to assess how well the patient’s heart will tolerate anesthesia and surgery
  • Chest x-ray to assess the condition of the patient’s lungs
  • Other diagnostic and laboratory testing specific to an individual’s health concerns

The medical professionals at the Preoperative Clinic will also address any questions or concerns a patient may have about their upcoming procedure.

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