Acute Rehabilitation Unit


KRMC's acute rehabilitation program offers specialized care to help individuals with impairments regain their independence

Patients in KRMC's Acute Rehabilitation unit have experienced accidents, stroke, neurological disorders, arthritis, or other disabilities. The Unit provides advanced rehabilitation services on an inpatient (hospitalized) basis to help patients develop new skills and re-learn previous ones to improve their quality of life.

Using a Team Approach to Meet Patient Needs

KRMC's Acute Rehabilitation program involves skilled physical, occupational, and speech therapists who team with the patient's physician and other specialists to provide the best possible outcomes for the patient.  The team can also include dieticians, social workers, and other specialists to meet the patient's individual rehabilitation needs.

Additionally, familiy members learn how to provide positive reinforcement and take an active role in the rehabilitation process.

Equipped with the Latest Rehabilitation Technologies

KRMC's 20-bed acute rehabilitation unit is equipped with the latest rehabilitation technologies and facilities for teaching patients techniques that can help them make full use of their abilities.  The unit includes a fully equipped gym, kitchen, patient lounge, private rooms, and a transitional apartment.

Contact Us

Patients can be admitted to KRMC's Acute Rehabilitation Unit with a physician's referral.

If you or a family member could benefit from KRMC's acute rehabilitation services, please call us for more information at 928-692-4688.



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