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If you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

Kingman Regional Medical Center
3269 Stockton Hill Rd.,
Kingman, Arizona 86409
(928) 757-2101

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General Directory

For all numbers not listed            928-757-2101 or toll free 877-757-2101

Billing Questions                                   928-757-0627(KRMC Business Office)

Conference Room Scheduling           928-692-4640 (KRMC Education Dept.)

Event Information                                 928-681-8656 (KRMC Public Relations)

Gifts and Donations                             928-757-0664 (KRMC Public Relations)

Health Class Information                    928-692-4640 (KRMC Education Dept.)

Media Inquiries                                      928-757-0664 (KRMC Public Relations)

Release of Information/Medical Records    928-681-8670 (KRMC H.I.M. Dept.)


Facilities And Services

Cancer Center                                                                                      928-692-4665

Cardiac Rehabilitation                                                                           928-692-4605

Family Medicine Residency Center                                                         928-692-4625

Golden Valley Medical Center                                                                928-681-8500

Home Health Services                                                                          928-757-0630

Hospice                                                                                              928-692-4680

Imaging Center                                                                                   928-681-8600

Laboratory Services                                                                            928-757-0616

Nutrition Counseling                                                                            928-692-4607

Occupational Health                                                                             928-757-0613

Pain Management Center                                                                    928-681-8570

Patient Relations Representative                                                          928-692-4674

Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy                                                  928-692-4630

Sleep Disorders Center                                                                         928-692-4144

Support Groups                                                                                   928-692-4640

Wellness Center                                                                                   928-692-4600

Wound Care Center                                                                             928-681-8555


If you have concerns about your care, please contact us to resolve them.