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KRMC Emergency Department entrance

Starting Tuesday, October 1, 2019 the public must use an alternate entrance to access the KRMC Emergency Department (ED).

Beginning Tuesday, KRMC will erect a fence around the current ED parking lot to make way for a construction project to expand KRMC’s emergency facilities.

The fenced construction zone will include a barricade that blocks vehicle access from Stockton Hill Road to the current emergency parking lot. The existing public entrance to the emergency department will be inaccessible.

To access the ED, the public will use a different entrance located on the north side of the main hospital building (see map). Emergency parking will be designated in the north parking lot.

Driving directions to the alternate emergency entrance are as follows:

  • If traveling northbound on Stockton Hill Road, vehicles must go to Sycamore Avenue and turn left at the light. Once on Sycamore, look for the “emergency entrance” sign on your left.

  • If traveling southbound on Stockton Hill Road, vehicles can pass Sycamore Avenue and turn right directly into the alternate emergency parking lot, indicated by an “emergency entrance” sign.

Road signs will show the routes to the alternate emergency entrance. However, officials advise everyone in the community to familiarize themselves with the new location now. In case of an emergency, you should know where to go ahead of time.

Once someone arrives at the alternate emergency entrance, signage and personnel inside the building will help direct them to the emergency room. The distance from the alternate entrance to the emergency room check-in desk is about 270 ft. Procedures are in place to assist anyone who is unable to walk this distance.

Additionally, KRMC has placed a red emergency telephone near the entrance. If someone needs immediate assistance, they can pick up the receiver and it will instantly alert emergency department staff that help is needed at the door.

KRMC’s ED expansion project is expected to take about 18 months. Once completed, the KRMC ED will include additional waiting areas and nearly double the number of patient beds― all in private rooms.

“We apologize to our patients and the community for any inconvenience caused by our ED expansion project. However, it is extremely important that we build additional space to meet our community’s growing emergency care needs. Once completed, the ED will better accommodate the number of patients we see on a daily basis and enhance patient care,” said KRMC CEO Brian Turney.

If you have questions or comments about the emergency department expansion project, please contact KRMC Public Relations at 928-681-5061.