KRMC expands Cancer Center

Partnering with local construction firm T.R. Orr, Inc., KRMC will double the size of its Cancer Center, which provides treatment and care for all types of cancer including complex and advanced-stage cases. The hospital will purchase an additional linear accelerator for radiation therapy and expand its chemotherapy suite.

The added capabilities will include radiosurgery – a non-invasive technology that targets cancerous tumors. The treatment is precise to a millimeter, which protects healthy tissue that surrounds the tumor.

Additionally, the Cancer Center will open an on-site pharmacy, making cancer care more efficient for the patients. Once the renovation is complete, the Cancer Center will offer clinical trials to test new treatments for cancer.

“We are thrilled to add more capacity to the Cancer Center. Our focus remains on how to best treat our patients, and this expansion allows us to continue delivering the highest quality of care. Offering clinical trials will keep us on the leading edge of cancer care and provide patients with every possible opportunity to heal.” said Kerry Herbine, Director of Oncology.

KRMC’s oncologist, Dr. Edgardo Rivera added “Not only do we serve Kingman residents, but we also treat cancer patients from all over the county. Since many patients travel from other cities for treatment here, we are proud that KRMC is able to offer various treatment options [radiation, hematology/oncology, and infusion.]”

The project will be completed in multiple phases. The first phase is set to be completed by October 1, 2017 and includes the following:

  • Construction of a vault for the new linear accelerator – a device that delivers high-powered treatment to precise locations within the patient’s body to kill cancer cells
  • Expansion of the parking lot to increase available parking space for patients receiving cancer treatment
  • Expansion of the chemotherapy suite – including the addition of 12 new chairs to administer chemotherapy
  • Addition of office space for cancer center staff and medical faculty members

The second phase will include rehabilitation of the existing cancer center space, and is set to be completed by February 1, 2018. KRMC’s Chief Operating Officer, Ryan Kennedy estimates the total cost of the project at approximately $9 million, which includes roughly $4 million in construction costs and $4.25 million for the new linear accelerator.

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