KRMC Cancer Center Becomes First to Use New Treatment

KRMC Cancer Center Becomes First to Use New Treatment

By Julya Walters-Koalska, KRMC Communications Specialist

KRMC Cancer Center has become the first in the region to use an innovative new cancer treatment.

IMLYGIC® is an FDA-approved therapy used to treat advanced melanoma (a type of skin cancer) when it cannot be treated with surgery.

“[IMLYGIC®] is a unique therapy, says Dr. Rivera, Medical Oncologist, “it delivers treatment directly to cancer cells.”

Rather than an infusion treatment such as chemotherapy, IMLYGIC® is injected directly into a melanoma lesion. The Cancer Center has specially trained nurses to administer this treatment. The first two treatments are given three weeks apart. Then, treatments are given every two weeks until the lesions are reduced.

Dr. Edgardo Rivera, KRMC Medical Oncologist, has treated one melanoma patient with IMLYGIC®. This is the first patient to receive the treatment in Mohave County.

That patient has received three injections so far. “We’ve seen the lesion decrease, and it’s exciting to have another option for treatment” says Hope Emerson, RN.

Dr. Rivera closely monitors the most recent advances in medical science. “I am committed to my patients, and I want to be sure that I can offer the best possible treatment options for them.”

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