Dizziness & Balance Center

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Beginning Monday, May 21 at 6:00 am, Sycamore Avenue at Stockton Hill Road and at Western Avenue will close for storm drain and street improvements.

Closure is both day and night for approximately 5 weeks. Also beginning Monday, May 21, the middle segment of Sycamore Avenue will be opened to traffic.

This affects certain KRMC services, including KRMC Speech and Hearing, KRMC Dizziness and Balance Center, KRMC Rehabilitation (physical therapy), and KRMC Pathology/Laboratory— all located at 1740 Sycamore Avenue. Access to these services will be via Airway Avenue and Hotel Way.

Questions may be addressed to the City of Kingman Engineering Office at (928) 753-8122 or via email to eng@cityofkingman.gov.

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KRMC Dizziness and Balance Center
1740 Sycamore Ave, Suite B
Kingman, Arizona 86409
(928) 692-4630

Dizziness and Balance Center

Dizziness and balance problems are very common, affecting one out of three people. If you feel dizzy or unsteady, it can affect your ability to carry out even the most minor tasks– such as walking or driving. You may also suffer other related symptoms such as stomach upset, headaches, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, or hearing loss.

Balance problems are also a leading cause of falls― especially in older adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of adults age 65 years and older fall each year. Balance-related falls also account for one-half of accidental deaths in the population over age 65.

If you experience a persistent sense of dizziness or imbalance– it’s important to tell your doctor. Usually, these symptoms will not go away by themselves and will continue to affect your quality of life.

Conditions treated:

The KRMC Dizziness and Balance Center features skilled healthcare professionals and advanced technology for assessing and treating such balance-related disorders as:

  • Disequilibrium feeling unsteady or off-balance
  • Pre-syncopefeeling lightheaded or faint
  • Vertigothe sensation of spinning or having the room spin about you

Services provided:

At the KRMC Balance Center, we provide specialized expertise and technology for assessing your body’s balance functions. Our team of audiologists and balance therapists work with your doctor to identify the cause of your dizziness or unsteadiness symptoms.

  • Vestibular function testing, which includes a number of tests to help determine if there is something wrong with the vestibular (balance) portion of the inner ear. These tests can help isolate dizziness symptoms to a specific cause that can often be treated.
  • Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP), which is state-of-the-art technology used to evaluate coordination of a patient’s vision, inner ear, and muscles/joints for maintaining balance. The test can determine whether one or more of the body’s balance sensory systems are impaired. 
  • Balance therapy, which includes special exercises and physical therapy tailored to specific impairments that are causing your balance problem.

Talk to your doctor

Talk to your doctor if you’ve been experiencing dizziness and feel you are at risk of falling.  Depending on your condition, your doctor may refer you to the KRMC Dizziness and Balance Center for a comprehensive assessment of your condition and appropriate treatments.

For more information about our services, please contact the KRMC Dizziness and Balance Center at (928) 681-8717. Our services are covered by most medical insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid (AHCCCS).


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