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KRMC Diabetes and Nutrition Education Programs
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KRMC Diabetes and Nutrition Education Programs

If you have diabetes, heart disease, extra pounds, or just want to feel better, Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) offers two highly-effective programs to help improve your health through better nutrition— the Diabetes Education Program for people with diabetes and the Nutrition Education Program for people who need to improve their health with a better diet.

People who learn to eat better through formal training often experience improved blood sugar, lower cholesterol, fewer pounds, and more energy. Most health insurances, including AHCCCS and Medicare cover both KRMC’s Diabetes Education and Nutrition Education programs. If you think you can benefit from one of these programs, please talk to your doctor about a referral.

Diabetes Education Program

Our diabetes program involves one-on-one consultations and group classes with a certified diabetes educator using the American Diabetes Association accredited program called Diabetes Self Management Training. The program provides instruction on how to cope with and manage diabetes. It includes important information on eating right, being active, monitoring blood sugar, taking medication, reducing risks, and improving quality of life.

We also facilitate a free support group for people with diabetes and their loved-ones, which meets at 2:00 p.m.the last Tuesday of every month in the KRMC Hualapai and Cerbat conference rooms.

Nutrition Education Program

KRMC’s Nutrition Education program involves one-on-one consultations and group classes to help you learn healthier ways of eating based on your specific health conditions, needs, and food preferences. For example, program participants learn:

  • Fundamentals of good nutrition
  • New ideas and recipes for healthy meals
  • How to stretch food dollars
  • Meal planning
  • Cooking skills
  • How to make favorite recipes healthier
  • Healthy ways to lose and manage weight
  • Tips for a healthy lifestyle


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Information you need on diets and healthy eating

Learn how to prevent food-borne illness

Hundreds of recipes for creating healthy and tasty meals.

Useful information for achieving and maintaining a healthful weight.

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